If you have issues related to AOL, you are landed in the right place. All the issues are resolved by our experts in a very short period of time. We provide a wide range of solutions to the user. Our goal is take care of user’s system as our own. 
There may be various problems that may occur while using AOL by the users. Here, we resolved the frequently asked questions of the issues that may occur while using AOL mail. 
Some of the FAQs related to AOL are:- 
  • What is the use of browser password manager? 
It is the feature in the AOL Desktop that is used to secure and easy way to manage the password and login credentials. According to the requirement, we can enable and disabled this feature in our AOL mail. 
  • How to make AOL as our homepage? 
For making AOL as the browser homepage, we need to follow the following steps. 
While opening the browser, you have an option as “Make AOL as Homepage”. By clicking on this option, we can do this. 
There is another option to set it as the default homepage. 
Go to the tool section of the browser and then setting and according to the requirement, change the settings.  
  • How to share an article with all the users? 
For sharing information with other users, we need to share it. 
We can share the particular article on various sites. It includes Twitter, Facebook, etc. 
We can post that article on our profile and from there we can further share it on various social sites. 
  • How to add a comment? 
There is one feature in the AOL mail through which we can add a comment on the particular article according to our choice. 
Choosing article according to our choice is also a big task. 
Firstly, we need to choose the article on which you like to comment. 
After reading the article, go to the end of the article. There is an option as “Add A Comment”. 
For adding a comment, you need to be a member of AOL
Login yourself through our email and password. 
Finally, add a comment on the particular article. 
You can also reply to the particular comment of our choice.
These are the frequently asked questions by the user. If you have any other issues except these, kindly contact us at AOL Customer Support . Our experts and technicians are 24*7 available for our help.